Sculpture en résine &
Sculpture en résine &
Sculpture en résine &
Sculpture en résine &

Sculpture en résine 'Visage abstrait femme'

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45 x 18 x 17 cm

An abstract face with delicate and gentle features, characterised by a quiet expression and the hint of a pale smile. The face rests on the woman's just-opened out hand, which in turn is placed on a white marble base that acts as a base for the sculpture. The sculpture is made of resin with a special metal effect that adds a modern touch.

The creation has clear references to surrealism: the female face has undefined outlines, almost as if it were a projection of the unconscious. The figure's face seems to be a sort of mask with a very captivating enigmatic smile. The chin delicately touches a portion of the hand, resting gently on it.

The sculpture is the result of an artisan process carried out by ADM artisans, no piece is produced in series. Like any other sculpture by ADM Design, the abstract woman's face is supplied with a certificate of craftsmanship proving its fine origin. This sculpture is an original and captivating piece of furniture that will allow you to furnish a room with style.

Item dimensions H x W x D
45 x 18 x 17 cm

Item weight Kg

Reproduced author
ADM Team

Resin and Marble

Base material


Metal effect



Certificate of craftsmanship

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