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Resin sculpture 'Faceted Bull'

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25 x 48 x 23 cm

Even though the style is multi-faceted, as if it were a rough, freshly worked crystal, the figure of an elegant, imposing bull. is perfectly recognisable in this artwork. Its hooves firmly anchored to the ground, its right side slightly shifted forward, a charging position, represent a massive figure that well conveys the feeling of strength that this animal usually expresses, as a symbol of power and passion.

We are talking about a unique piece of furniture, made of lacquered resin. As you can see from the video, this bull is shiny and the light is reflected on the various facets that make it up, highlighting its stylised muscles. A sculpture suitable to environments where design is usual, can give your living room a touch of originality, remember also that the the size is 25 cm high, 48 cm wide and 23 cm thick. The artwork is also available in a glossy black colour.

Finally, do not forget the symbolism that the figure of the bull represents, in fact it has always been considered a symbol of strength and fertility. Zeus himself turned into a bull to kidnap Europa, the beautiful daughter of a Phoenician king. In short, in all ancient cultures the bull was at least a figure of good luck.

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25 x 48 x 23 cm

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