Bunny | 20x14x18cm
Bunny | 20x14x18cm
Bunny | 20x14x18cm

Bunny | 20x14x18cm

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Wild or domestic, Lineasette’s bunnies represent the grace and friendliness of this sweet animal. They bring joy and happiness into our homes, and they make us breathe spring air all year round.

Giuseppe Bucco

Lineasette’s workshop is based in Nove (VI): every one of our pieces is handcrafted here.

Every artwork is made of porcelain stoneware: a prestigious ceramic material fired at very high temperatures (1200°C). It is resistant, waterproof, and washable.

The colour range is exclusive, perfected in Lineasette’s workshop.

The matte and monochromatic coating gives each piece a raw dotted colour and an elegant chiaroscuro effect.

The surface of the piece is rough and textured to the touch.

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