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Large 'Cactus' Resin Sculpture

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Pop Art resin sculpture with metallised effect and marble base

Cactus is an artwork that features an attractive design, created to match any furnishing style and most colours. It is the representation of a plant, a cactus to be exact known as Opuntia of the Cactaceae family to which the prickly pear also belongs. It looks like a plant, yes, but it is entirely in resin, and it rests on a small black marble base. And it certainly cannot be confused with a real plant, considering its wonderful metallised green colour that makes it look more like a metal object than a cellulose one. However, the details are all there, including thorns, in the form of pure pop art.

The dimensions of this sculpture are: H 61 x W 50 x D 20 cm. The size of a plant that can be easily accommodated in a living room or bedroom and even outdoors, perhaps near other plants to accentuate the game of similarities and differences between nature and art. We would like to remind you that the artwork is handmade and that you will receive a certificate of craftsmanship along with it.

Item dimensions H x W x D
61 x 50 x 20 cm

Item weight Kg

Reproduced author
ADM Team


Base material


Metal effect

Pop art


Certificate of craftsmanship

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