Richard Orlinski


      Scuplted in a faceted style recognizable among all, the Wild Kong is the primary inspiration of the Kiwikong: a modern decorative piece from Pop Art that perfectly meets the ambition of Richard Orlinski and Charging Phone: to make art accessible to the greatest number.

      Designed wirelessly for more aesthetics and with its two speakers and its subwoofer, Kiwikong is a stand-alone and nomadic speaker that you can move around as you wish. No need for connections, any device - smartphone, PC, tablet - equipped with the Bluetooth function is sufficient to stream your favorite songs.

      The base of the Kiwikong accommodates a wireless charging station equipped with QI technology - induction charging. Charging is activated automatically when you put your smartphone on the pad.

      There is then no need to activate specific fitting options. To allow charging of larger devices, two USB outputs complete the Kiwikong.